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    What is an infraction?

    The forums infractions/warnings are nothing like the client based ones.

    Here on the forums an infraction is like a warning. Each infraction you get
    earns you a point, depending what you have done it determines how many points you get.
    There are MANY different types of infractions.

    If you get to many infractions/warnings it leads to Infraction Bans. (green strike out username)

    Points usually expire 15 Days after the infraction has been given.
    Once expired the point will disappear but the note you got the infraction will stay

    5 points = ban
    or in other words
    5 common infractions = ban

    When infracted you will get a private message from the mod/admin
    saying why you got infracted and how many points you got.

    Quick example of how to get infracted banned.
    comment 5 times in reports/unban section.

    Thanks for reading I hope this made some sense to people
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    Originally posted by Jai & full credits to him.
    & Thanks for allowing me to re-post this.
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