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    [TUT] Downloading Topaz Labs for Photoshop for free.

    Hello there, this is my guide on how to download Topaz Labs for your photoshop entirely free (instead of having to spend a tonne of money on it)

    First of, what is topaz?

    Topaz is a beautiful tool that lets you edit your pictures in a rather smooth way, instead of using the basic photoshop tools, you get something a bit more advanced.
    For instance: I turn this piece:

    Into this:
    It gives a smooth flow to the signature, this is called the Topaz Clean.

    How do I download this? How can I get this to my photoshop?

    I'll give you this, step by step.
    Step 1; Download this torrent from TBP (This requires anyform for torrent download, for instance Utorrent)

    Step 2; Open up your torrent, & it will show something like this

    Step 3; Click any of the Topaz files, & enter into the setup. It will look like this

    Step 4; Download these, all of them. It's gonna take some time & some space, but it's worth it.

    Step 5; Visit your programfiles x86 (or what ever it is for you) & find this folder

    Step 6; unload these files Into one folder

    Step 7; Copy those files over to My computer>C:>Programfiles>Adobe>Adobe Photoshop CSx>Plug-ins

    Step 8; Load your photoshop, & open a random picture. Click "Filter" > Topaz Labs. It will ask you to fill in a serial. The serials can be found in the torrent.

    Step 9; Fill in the serials for every Topaz feature.

    Step 10; Grats. You made it through my rather impossible tutorial, nice work.

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    happy birthday sand queen here is ur cake


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